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Hello from Cameroon!

IMG_3474Bonjour from Cameroon!  I have been here for one week… it has been incredible and overwhelming.  There are 10 of us Americans here now with one to come soon.  As Sonia and I walked to school this morning we were accompanied by hundreds of petits etudiants…  I still can’t believe we are in Cameroon, living with Cameroonians.  For the most part, this week and weekend have been dedicated to learning and adjusting to this life.  Some things I have learned:

1. Carry hand sanitizer

2. Check if the taxi driver’s picture matches his face.

3. Know how much you will pay for the taxi and where you want to go.  They honk at you and you yell out where you want to go. If he is going there too, then you hop in. If not, he keeps driving.

3. Stock up on clean, bottled water.  You never know when your water will be shut off or for how long.

4. Don’t cross your legs in front of adults. It’s rude.

5. Be prepared to eat more plantains than you want to.  Families offer more than you can eat generally.

6. There is only one trash can and it’s a bucket outside.

7. Guys on the street will follow you and try really hard to be your boyfriend all the time.  This happens to all the girls. Just keep walking.

Our classes are about development and social change in Cameroon, so there will be many posts to come about the amazing change makers in this vibrant country. I am so grateful to be here. À demain!



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