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This has been a tough week.  The taste of rest that was devoured over Thanksgiving break reminded me that peaceful fellowship and rest are necessary to success and mental health.  Kind of a “no, duh” moment.  I, like many of you, have been running pretty hard this semester.  Most everything that I have worked for in the past few months has been very meaningful and fulfilling, which I am so grateful for.  I am so grateful for passion and drive, even if it does sometimes drive me to the bring of meltdown.  It is time now to rest and restore for a bit

The song in the clip above always takes me to a place of meditation and peace.  I hope it has the same effect on you as we allow entrance for a small moment of peace into our day.  Ready?  One, two, three- go……………………………………………………


On Monday, the Womble family lost a furry member of our family.  Thank you, Little Ricky, for being a friend and constant support.   We will miss you, little dog. 


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  1. What a cake! Ricky was a sweetie.


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