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G(irls)20 Summit: hotter than a G6…

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With the G20 Summit coming upon us- starting June 18th in Mexico City-  and girls are taking the fate of the economic world into their hands.   At the Girls20 Summit taking place today through Thursday in Mexico City, 21 girls representing each of the member countries are participating in a model G20 Summit, and are showing how girls and women can play a leading role in global economic development.  They will be generating tangible, practical recommendations for G20 leaders to act upon through a communiqué created over the course of the summit.  These girls, who are all ages 18 to 20, are entering global arena now; they are fighting for us and our sisters abroad now…. and it is EXCITING!


If you are on Twitter, you can follow these amazing girls at @Girls20Summit.  You can also be in the same room with these girls via live stream as they hear world leaders and activists! Here is the link to the live stream!

Girls20 Summit is sending this message to the G20 leaders and all of us:

There are 3.5 billion girls and women in the world and these girls and women need to be empowered because their empowerment leads to healthier families, innovative economies and stable countries. Sign up and get your number!

Mom and I have…


# 25,527

P.S. Go here to find your Girls20 representative


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  1. Thanks for supporting the G(irls)20 Summit! I look forward to working with you to empower women 🙂 Thanks for the sweet email! And thanks for identifying your number – we are two of 3.5 billion ways to change the world.

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