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With some of my favorite smart girls living out loud in mind (who you can watch HERE), I am conducting an experiment this week in which I post every day.  There are brilliant and interesting women and girls surrounding us all the time and this week my antenna is up and ready to hear their stories!  I embark on this self imposed challenge with the hope that I am not alone in my eye-opening; please join and if you feel so led, share!  What smart girls/women living out loud did you meet today? and why are they amazing?

This morning I woke up literally at the crack of dawn to join my mom and her friend on their 5:45am walk.  My mom and her friend have many differences, chiefly political party affiliation.  This “left” or “right” argument is one that drives many apart and as we have seen over the past years, is an argument that makes our country look like a dysfunctional couple bound for intense marital counseling or divorce. However, when these differences are discussed and debated between my mom and her friend, the beauty and functionality of the two halves making a whole is evident.  Yes, it is true what Meryl Streep says that “women can be hard on each other,” but what she goes on to say is even more true- that “we really  look so deeply because we want inspiration.”
I am always amazed at the power of the collaboration of women, and the empathy and understanding that most of the time outweighs the political or petty.  I am grateful for the example of the women in my life and look forward to finding more inspiration to live by.

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