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Eight Year Olds from Kenya Don’t Mess Around

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Two eight year old feminist twins from Kenya at the AWID forum on Women’s Rights and Development in Turkey last month sat down with me and shared some powerful stuff: their dreams.  These awesome, short people threw themselves in the thick of the Young Feminist Corner and fit in perfectly with the other world changers!   I asked them during our interview what they would like to ask girls in the US… they ask the hard questions: “Do you think feminism is right or wrong?” “Do you think boys and girls are equal?”

Wangeci and Mutuma identified the questions whose answers still plague gender equality in many parts of our country today.  These twins are identifying the unequal in their communities and working to bring justice… can we do the same?

I challenge you to look for the unjust in the relations between girls and boys, women and men in your communities… do these questions still seem so simplistic?   Let’s take a page from our new friends from Kenya and ask ourselves the hard questions- and feel empowered because change is happening and we can easily join in!


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  1. Nice article. I just wonder whether when they get the voting age they’ll vote for women… or maybe it’s not that important to have women in politics.

  2. Malcolm Fouasso

    Nice and brith.

  3. Wow! Its never too early to start…. 🙂


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