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 Hello Smart people!  As you probably know, I had a meeting with an incredible person in Austin, TX last week.  This meeting was perfect, superb, awesome, and every other superlative you can think of.  So, on the way back to Dallas, TX, as the subject of dreams and their realization was bouncing around in my head, I, appropriately enough, saw this billboard.  Of course I had to take a picture while driving to savor this perfect encapsulation of my thoughts.  We’ve got to THINK BIG!

Three things that I took with me from that meeting in Austin: Be PERSISTENT. Be RESOURCEFUL. THINK BIG!  The woman that I met with is very successful and all around amazing.  She was so inspiring to be around!  In her career, she has not let “no’s” get her down!  She was persistent and incredibly resourceful in her pursuit of personally fulfilling work, and that has lead to her success!  What a model for us all!  Something that I took away from the meeting was that there are people who desire and can use your talents, ideas, and skills; you just have to go and find those people.

One of my very very smart friends told me the other day that “the only thing that holds you back is you not thinking big.”  I wholeheartedly agree, and encourage all of you today to be PERSISTENT, RESOURCEFUL, and to exercise those BIG THINKING muscles because, guess what? You can change the world.


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