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Attack ya dreams…

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Today I am in Austin, TX to meet with a really smart woman living out loud.  Please stay tuned for the wisdom she will share that I will share with all of you!

I have driven almost 10 hours to get to Austin, most of the drive listening to Ira Glass getting real with his listeners in his radio show, “This American Life,” and I was reminded of an incredible truth: that we all have stories to tell and that those stories can empower, move, change, and incredibly effect the listener.  I heard stories ranging from a man going to the “Dark Shadows” Convention to accounts from kids who are making their way through the excruciating world of middle school.  The woman I am meeting with could be called, among other things, a professional story finder- she has been a producer on many projects in which her job was to find amazing, weird, lovely, moving, passionate people and stories to share them with the world.  To say that I am excited about this meeting would be an understatement.  I hope to learn how to better find stories of girls and how to better share them, and I look forward to hearing from this woman who is strong, smart, empowering.

Driving the 10 hours? Worth it.  What are dreams but to be attacked with action?  Women, attack those dreams, and in turn, I will try and attack mine!

Talk to you soon!



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