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Jane: Woman of Action!

Lily: “Why are women important?”

Jane: “We don’t want to waste more than half the talent in the world.  Women in history have generally played a subservient role, and that’s a waste of talent.”

Today I interviewed Jane Hiatt, an innovative, adventurous, and passionate woman devoted to living a life that helps empower women! She is one of the founders of the Women’s Fund of Mississippi, which is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in MS.  She remembers growing up in a world akin to “Mad Men” where womens’ opinions were discounted as unimportant and where the only expected career choices for female college graduates were wife and/or teacher.  As a woman in that time, in the south, she found that the “boy’s club” was definitely in power; however, she still rose to several positions of prominence and power, one being the Director of the Humanities Council of Tennessee… This is a woman who did not accept societal limits!

She helped start the Women’s Fund in 2002 because she and some of her colleagues realized the need for Mississippi women to be empowered!

I was humbled and excited to hear her stories and look forward to sharing some of them with you!  It was so interesting meeting with a woman who has seen so many, and who has broken so many “glass ceilings.”  She has seen women’s status grow to new heights, but believes there is still much room for women’s opportunity to grow.  To Jane, empowering women is integral in making the world a better place for all, and I couldn’t agree more.

Interview with Jane to come… Stay tuned!


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  1. Lilly, you’re awesome.


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